Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure, Storage and More

What can the Cloud do for you?

From virtual machines to cold storage, the Cloud offers much.

Virtual Machines

For heavy workload, rendering, email server and more.

Active Directory

Yes, it is possible. Microsoft Active Directory is available in the Cloud.

Cold Storage

For archives, backups, old data and others.

SQL Databases

Whether you use MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, both are available in the Cloud. As is Oracle and MariaDB.


A smaller way to go but still works great. Containers are getting more and more popular specially in the Cloud.

Mobile Device Management

MDM is the concept of managing a fleet of mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones using configuration profiles. Very useful in enterprise situations.



Cloud services are very cheap compared to the investment required in buying and maintaining enterprise-class equipment. Also, they eliminate the need for management and security as it is handled by the provider.

The Perfect Infrastructure

When you are a new enterprise, the choice is simple. The Cloud is the best way to go.

You choose your provider. We take care of managing it.

Before choosing a provider, you need to know what services you will need as there are some unique services in each providers. For that, we will help you list your needs and see the best fit for your business.

Afterwards, we will proceed with structuring the services and then go with the migration. All at the rhythm you feel the best.

In case you already have a Cloud service you like us to manage, we will speak with you about our different management services available.

ConceptsWeb supports Azure, Google Cloud and AWS


We will be there every step of the way.