VoIP Telephony

A new way of communicating

Better Voice, Better Features, Better Communication

Including amazing features like call queues, ring groups, intercom, paging, call barging/spy, call pickup, voicemail-to-email and more.


A PBX is the telephony system responsible for managing the flow of calls. This is also called a UCM. Either software or hardware, PBX are powerful and comes in a variety of prices and feature range.

Cloud PBX

The Cloud PBX is a new way of using VoIP. With the PBX hosted in the Cloud, you reduce your maintenance costs to none and provide your employees with better mobility.

What about the phone line?

If you already have a landline using your local provider, hardware PBX is the only way. They includes FXO ports used to connect phone lines to IP PBX systems. This allow the use of advanced feature even on analog lines.

However, if you wish to get better voice quality and better pricing, there is SIP Trunking. Available in all countries, these are VoIP lines connected to the PSTN system. This provides better voice using the Internet as transmitter instead of analog lines.



Using powerful PBX from brands like Grandstream and 3CX, you can get the most of your phone lines without the cost of an analog solution.

The Perfect Devices

Whatever you need, there is a VoIP phone for it. From basic features to high-end videoconferencing, they can do it all.

Without phones, VoIP telephony is useless

When moving to VoIP telephony, you need to understand that you can’t use your old analog phone for all features. VoIP phones, or SIP phones, are much more advances and provide many integrations and features that can’t work on analog phones.

We offer the best-in-class VoIP devices such as phones, videoconferencing systems, door entrance systems and even surveillance cameras. We also provide formation for using those devices.

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Let's go with VoIP.