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From Web development to design, passing by business-critical applications, we do everything.

As a small agency on the North Shore of Montreal, our goal is clear: make our customers happy. We won’t bother you with ridiculous prices or contracts you don’t even understand, we just want to get you the website that you (or your enterprise) deserve(s). We are ConceptsWeb.

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Increase your revenues

With any type of website, you will see an increase in your business revenues. Why? Because most people will lookup your business on Google even before knowing what it is. If you don’t have an online presence, you can easily lose customers. You have a retail shop? No problem, an eCommerce is perfect for you.

Tell everyone you're online

Thanks to a website, you can tell everyone that you are right there waiting for customers. You can have a showroom site, showing your products and attracting potential sales. Also, there’s the eCommerce to sell your products online without a need of a in-store visit. Obviously, you can always go for the simple informational website!

Web Development

These days, if your business/brand/shop doesn’t have a website, you are missing a lot of visitors, and you don’t even know about it until you have one.

Our goal is to get you online

As a business, you can’t afford to lose any customer base. Now in 2018, this base is primarily the Web. Many businesses have seen a 65% growth in customer base directly linked to their website. This is big!

The catch is that a lot of Web agencies will sell you a website in the thousands of dollars, which is not always a piece a cake for a small retail store or a newly opened barber shop. Here at ConceptsWeb, we offer you an online presence with a beautiful design to show-off your business, without burning your budget.

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Some awesome technologies

There are many programming languages for both the Web and the softwares. However, choosing the perfect one isn’t always an easy task. Let us help you with that as we have the expertise to steer you in the right direction.


We design every website with the newest trends in mind. This way, your brand is well represented and your visitors are amazed.

Laptop showing a website


Responsiveness is when a website is made to adapt to the visitor’s screen size, whether it is a desktop, tablet or phone. We build every website with responsiveness in mind.


When designing a website for a business, you need to clearly represent the colors and brand of it. These days, color palettes numbers in thousands, which gives you unlimited color possibilities.


Your website has one major task: attract your customers. You want them to feel home when they browse your site, as well as feel comfortable navigating on it. For this to happen, you need targeting. What type of customer comes to your website? This is the question you must ask yourself.
Example PHP code explaining that we do anything
Beside websites, we also do programming in

When you need something else than a website, we can still help you. We have expertise in many programming languages as well as experience with real-world business applications.

May it be for a notification system linking your clients and representatives or simply a quotation management system for online submissions, we got you covered.

We can also integrate with your WordPress.


In the end, whatever type of website you choose, the most important thing will always be your brand image. This is why we try to offer the very best design without compromising your brand.

Our Experience

We try our very best to impress each new customer. Look at some projects we worked on.

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