Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Welcome to Unified Communications, or UC.

A new way to handle calling, messaging, videoconferencing, and more. Make the switch, and discover why so many businesses are doing the same.

Advanced Phone Features

Long are the days where we could only grab the phone for the call to stop ringing. With new technologies emerging, you can now control how you receive your calls.

More Secure than Analog

No more is the time when someone could tap into your phone line. With the newest SIP technologies, your calls are encrypted and safe from external influences.

New Ways to Chat

The youth is no longer interested in calling your business. They reach you on your website, Facebook or via text messages. Fortunately, we can integrate those with your internal, daily chat.

Powerful Integrations

Many integrations are possible with a VoIP phone system. We can connect it to your Office 365, many CRM, and even PMS you may currently be using.

No Need for Phones

One of the advantages of using a VoIP system is having a web application that allows you to place and receive calls. All you need is a microphone, a speaker and Internet to connect to your extension.

Cloud Hosted

Forget about on-site equipments that can fail whenever you lose Internet or power. With a cloud-hosted PBX, continue running your business even during the worst situations.

Built-in Videoconferencing

No need to pay for a third-party software to have a video call with your team or with a prospect. Our VoIP solutions allow you to stay visually connected with your contacts easily.

Reduce your cost by up to 50%

In comparison to your usual phone system provider, VoIP users have seen a decrease in their monthly expanses on their telephony caused by the use of chatting and SIP lines.






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